PURITY, Volume I
PURITY, Volume I
Chinatown Soup

PURITY, Volume I

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PURITY, Volume I by Sharol Xiao is a fine art photography zine featuring 'handsome ladies' of Taipei. These womxn represent an expanding subset of urban counterculture that embraces the flexibility of androgynous fashion and style as a pathway to post-gender liberation in newly radicalized Taiwan. Sharol’s subjects reflect the deliberate yet lackadaisical spirit of this movement—unhurried but assuredly self-expressed. 

PURITY mag is an irregularly published visual totem that exists between zine and magazine; it combines the intimacy of the former with the gloss of the latter. Volume I will release in Fall 2020 during the artist's second presentation at Chinatown Soup, an artist-run gallery, studio, and cafe located at the border of New York's Lower East Side.

Paperback. Printed on coated matte.

Purity, Volume I. Copyright © 2020 Alphabet Soup. All rights reserved. Made in collaboration with Clear Gallery Tokyo.
For information, please email shop@chinatownsoup.nyc
First Edition
Photography by Sharol Xiao

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