35 mm
35 mm
35 mm
Chinatown Soup

35 mm

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Are you tired of typical art world bullshit?
Do you like a thong with the perfect snapback?
Are you balding?
Are you having trouble finding the perfect concealer?
Are you bored to the point of almost destroying your family?
Do you need to learn how to breathe?
Do you thrive in the darkness?
What if art was a casual experience?
What if art came in a Happy Meal®?

Scenes from Chinatown Soup's first-ever artist-in-residence showcase circa January 2017 are kind of like The Factory without needles, wonderland without fear, or the playground you imagined as a child. You’ll find a "bad painting" series, five napping stations, a blemished runway, lingerie forest, dead disco ball, open envelope invitations, and bird calls attracting a growing number of wanderers.

Local objects and scavenged items from Materials for the Arts were repurposed to produce this experience. 

Photo printed on glossy card stock with machine thread binding.

35MM. Copyright © 2017 Alphabet Soup. All rights reserved. Made in New York. 
For information, please email shop@chinatownsoup.nyc 
Single Edition 
Artwork by Ashley-Yang Thompson
Photography by Leo Hsu

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